Broadway Boogie classes in Winchester and Eastleigh, Hampshire

Looking for musical theatre style fun dance fitness classes in Winchester? Broadway Boogie classes with Helen are held at the ‘en Joy dance fitness studio in Otterbourne.

If you’re a fan of musicals, you will love Broadway Boogie! Broadway Boogie is a musical theatre inspired dance fitness class, where you’ll dance, possibly even sing, and most definitely sweat! Dance like everyone is watching as you take on a different character in each track, performing the easy-to-follow routines with everything you’ve got – this class will bring out your inner performer and really help to improve self confidence! With a fantastic mix of classic and modern musicals from stage and screen within its soundtrack, a Broadway Boogie class is great fun and much more of a workout than you’d imagine – it is Broadway with intensity!  

Classes are great fun and routines easy to follow.


I love Broadway Boogie classes at Eastleigh as they are a good laugh and it is a great bonding time for my daughter and myself. Great times and great teacher, thanks Helen, I’m not conscious of all my wobbly bits either.


Broadway Boogie is my absolute favourite. I just love the music and energy. The routines are fun and we are never made to feel awkward about “getting it wrong” it’s just a personal adaptation! I do hope one day we will even have hats for the Greatest Showman track ?


Is Broadway Boogie a suitable class for me?

All fitness levels are very welcome to join this class, no dance experience necessary! Please note, Broadway Boogie is an aerobic dance fitness session, not a dance lesson. It’s a variable intensity follow-along session and high impact movements (such as those in which both feet leave the ground at once) are kept to a minimum, but you can choose to keep your movements small or you can make them as big as you like!

The exercises in this class are aimed at adults. 14-17 year olds are permitted only with a parent/guardian also participating in the class. The parent/guardian must fill in the booking form and sign the declaration on behalf of the child.

Classes are taught by a fully qualified fitness professional with a specialism in healthy ageing and certification in Broadway Boogie and an NATD Musical Theatre diploma, along with the EMDUK ‘instructor ready mark’ for Covid compliance.

Please ensure you read the full terms and conditions before booking your space. You will be required to fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire during the booking process and you are responsible for checking with your doctor to ensure you are able to participate in the activity.

Booking in advance is currently essential. Your safety and wellbeing remains a priority and there will still be a limit on numbers for the foreseeable future, thank you for your co-operation.

A little more about Broadway Boogie

I was introduced to Broadway Boogie classes during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Lots of instructors were taking their classes online, so there was a wide range of new dance fitness concepts out there, waiting to be discovered. After taking one of Broadway Boogie founder Stephanie’s classes, I was hooked and just knew I had to add this class to my timetable! It’s one of those classes you can’t help but smile the whole way through, even when dripping with sweat at the end!

Broadway Boogie is not a musical theatre lesson or a dance class. The routines aren’t broken down for you to learn, it’s just a follow-along class from start to finish. Broadway Boogie is a high energy aerobic dance fitness class, set to a fantastic musical theatre soundtrack. From the classics, such as Singin’ in the Rain and Chicago, to modern stage and screen musicals like The Greatest Showman, there’s something for everyone and if you love musicals you’ll love this class.

Broadway Boogie is a great cardio workout, suitable for all fitness levels. There are modifications throughout, so you can work at your own level and the choreography is enjoyable and easy to follow, with a few fitness moves such as squats and lunges thrown in for good measure, along with the obligatory jazz hands making more than a few appearances of course.

Broadway Boogie is pure escapism, you can take on a different character with each track and dance like no one (or even like everyone) is watching! Express yourself through dance (and even through song if you like!) as you work out to your favourite musical melodies. By putting your all into your performance, you’ll find yourself working harder but having so much fun, almost forgetting you’re in a fitness class!

What to wear for a Broadway Boogie class

Please wear something you are comfortable moving in. Leggings or joggers and a t-shirt are ideal, plus an extra layer for colder days. Trainers are ideal, particularly ones designed with dancing in mind, but any comfortable and supportive trainers will be fine.

I have really enjoyed Broadway Boogie and Zumba, thanks Helen! There’s no pressure to keep up with everyone, Helen always has a smile, and the groups have been really friendly.


Really enjoying my Broadway Boogie classes so far with Helen. Hope to slot into some other sessions in September with Helen. The steps are really good for all ages and made fun by dancing to show music that everybody knows.


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