Dance Fitness Classes in Winchester and Eastleigh, Hampshire

‘en Joy dance fitness run classes in the Winchester and Eastleigh area of Hampshire, with a fully qualified group exercise professional with a specialism in healthy ageing and a focus on feel-good, fun & functional fitness. Sessions include Zumba + ZumbaTone, FitSteps FAB+TONE and Broadway Boogie.

All classes can be booked as individual sessions, or in half-termly blocks at a discounted rate, while multi-class passes allow you to mix and match between classes and locations.

Our current locations are; Colden Common Community Centre, Hursley Parish Hall, Weeke Community Centre and Thornden School, Chandler’s Ford.

The group exercise classes in Winchester and Eastleigh with ‘en Joy dance fitness include;

Dance Fit

Dance Fit is a high energy cardio and conditioning combination.

High energy cardio routines are interspersed with slower body conditioning routines, creating a total body interval-style workout which is effective but, above all, fun!

Set to a mix of music genres and eras, we might have a 70s disco track, followed by a 90s rave routine, then a bit of 50s rock n roll – there’ll be something for everyone and music requests are always welcome!

Thursdays 7pm The Point, Eastleigh. Please book HERE.

FitSteps, FitSteps FAB (For All Bodies) and FitSteps TONE

FitSteps FAB is a dance based exercise concept devised by Strictly’s Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe, which combines the graceful movements of ballroom with high energy but low impact latin moves, in a programme suitable ‘for all bodies’. The routines have swing and sway roots, including dances such as the Foxtrot, Swing Jive, Cha Sway and Charleston. Please bear in mind this is not a dance lesson, it is a follow-along dance fitness class. In the FitSteps TONE tracks we use resistance bands to improve stability, balance and functional fitness, while strengthening and toning the muscles, all within ballroom and latin dance inspired routines. No experience required and there are no partners needed for your Strictly style solos in this fun class! Read more here.

Mondays 9:05am Colden Common, Mondays 6:45pm Hursley, Tuesdays 6:05pm Weeke, Winchester and Thursdays 8:30pm Chandler’s Ford. Please book HERE.

Zumba, Zumba Toning and Zumba Burst

Zumba isn’t just a dance fitness class – it’s a dance fitness party! With an awesome original Zumba soundtrack filled with world rhythms (and a few chart hits thrown into the mix), you’ll be too busy having fun to notice you’re working out! Zumba + Tone follows the same party-inspired principles of an original Zumba class, but with a little added resistance to help strengthen and tone the muscles. In a Zumba + Tone class you’ll use lightweight maraca-style shaker hand weights for some of the routines. This is not a typical weighted workout, this is so much more fun! At just 1lb each (or 2.5lbs for the more experienced participants), the Zumba Toning Sticks are just enough to add resistance while also allowing you to shake them and use them as percussion instruments as you dance. While Zumba classes generally use non-verbal cueing methods, allowing the participants to fully appreciate and enjoy the music and party atmosphere, there is some verbal cueing with the Tone elements to ensure participants have the correct form and technique. Read more here.

Thursdays 9:35am Colden Common and Sundays 10:05am Weeke, Winchester. Please book HERE.

Broadway Boogie

If you’re a fan of musicals, you will love Broadway Boogie! Broadway Boogie is a musical theatre inspired dance fitness class, where you’ll dance, possibly even sing and most definitely sweat! Dance like everyone is watching as you take on a different character in each track, performing the easy-to-follow routines with everything you’ve got – this class will bring out your inner performer and really help to improve self confidence! With a fantastic mix of classic and modern musicals from stage and screen within its soundtrack, a Broadway Boogie class is great fun and much more of a workout than you’d imagine – it is Broadway with intensity! Read more here.

Mondays 10:05am Colden Common, Mondays 8pm Hursley, Tuesdays 9:05am Colden Common and Tuesdays 7:35pm Chandler’s Ford. Please book HERE.

All of the classes held by ‘en Joy dance fitness are designed to be fun and use a mix of higher and lower intensity moves to create an interval-style aerobic workout suitable for all participants. Please note, intensity does not mean the same as impact and super-high impact movements (such as those in which both feet leave the ground at once) are completely optional and kept to a minimum in these classes to reduce the risk of injuries and allow all ages and fitness levels to take part. Don’t worry if you find it tricky to pick up the moves, they will start to become more natural to you after a few classes, honest! In a dance fitness class, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t get all the steps straight away, it isn’t about your dance technique or ability, it’s much more about having fun, raising the heart rate and dancing along to the music – even if you are freestyling your own routine!

Please visit the booking page to reserve your space at any of these classes.