FitSteps FAB + TONE classes in Winchester, Hampshire

Looking for FitSteps classes in Winchester, Hampshire? FitSteps FAB + TONE classes with ‘en Joy dance fitness are held at Colden Common Community Centre and Unit 12 Studios in Winnall, as well as online.

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What is FitSteps FAB?

FitSteps FAB is a dance based exercise concept devised by Strictly’s Ian Waite & Natalie Lowe, which combines the graceful movements of ballroom with high energy but low impact latin moves, in a programme suitable ‘for all bodies’ and at a slightly lower intensity than an original FitSteps class. The routines have swing and sway roots, including dances such as the Foxtrot, Swing Jive, Cha Sway and Charleston. Please bear in mind this is not a dance lesson, it is a follow-along dance fitness class. No experience required and there are no partners needed for your Strictly style solos in this fun class!

What is FitSteps TONE?

In FitSteps Tone we use resistance bands to improve stability, balance, muscle imbalances and functional fitness, while strengthening and toning the muscles, all within ballroom and latin dance inspired routines. Training with resistance bands is a great way to stimulate the muscles with less impact on the joints than other types of resistance training.

Equipment is provided and is thoroughly cleaned between classes, but if you’d prefer to purchase your own resistance band (which comes in a drawstring storage pouch) you can order one here.

Is FitSteps FAB + TONE a suitable class for me?

All fitness levels are very welcome to join this class, no dance experience necessary!

The exercises in this class are aimed at adults, 16+ years. 14-16 year olds are permitted only with a parent/guardian also participating in the class. The parent/guardian must fill in the booking form and sign the declaration on behalf of the child.

Classes are taught by a fully qualified fitness professional with a specialism in healthy ageing and certifications in FitSteps FAB, FitSteps TONE, balance training and functional flexibility, along with the EMDUK ‘instructor ready mark’ for Covid compliance.

Please ensure you read the full terms and conditions before booking your space, as the information regarding safety measures is very important. You will be required to fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire during the booking process and you are responsible for checking with your doctor to ensure you are able to participate in the activity.

Booking in advance is currently essential. Your safety and wellbeing remains a priority and there will still be distancing measures in place and a limit on numbers past 19th July and for the foreseeable future, thank you for your co-operation.

A little more about FitSteps

Strictly’s Natalie and Ian, along with world champion swimmer Mark Foster, devised the FitSteps concept as a follow-along dance fitness class, creating a programme where participants could learn the basic steps of all their favourite Strictly dances without needing a partner, or any dance experience, and keep fit while having fun.

FitSteps FAB is an extension of the original format and FAB stands for ‘For All Bodies’, with slightly lower intensity / lower impact modifications making it suitable for a wider range of participants. FitSteps TONE emphasises deep, controlled movements within the routines, such as lunges, to engage the lower body muscles, while resistance bands are used for a few of the routines to strengthen and tone the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and core, but with less stress to the joints than other types of resistance training, again making it ideal for a wide range of participants. The band also helps with posture and balance. In a typical TONE section there are around 4-5 TONE routines per class, most using resistance bands, in a wide range of dance styles from Tango to Flamenco, from Jive to Waltz, Quickstep, Paso and all your other favourite Strictly styles!

We always begin with a joint mobility and pulse raising warm up. We then move on to our dance routines. There is no break down of the routines, this is a follow-along class to ensure our bodies keep moving throughout. Each routine uses only a few different steps, so you’ll soon pick them up. We use intermittent training, with a high energy routine such as Disco followed by a slower paced Waltz or Bossa Nova.

After the dances, we will have a cool down track, to gradually bring everyone’s heart rate back down and to stretch out the muscles we’ve just used.

Why do we incorporate resistance training in FitSteps?

Resistance training is particularly important from middle age, as muscle mass and bone mass generally begin to gradually decrease from the mid-thirties, more so if a person is largely inactive. The decrease in oestrogen from menopause onwards also makes women more susceptible to loss of bone mass than men, which can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis in later life.

If you work at a computer, sitting for prolonged periods, this can cause your shoulders and upper back to become rounded, creating a muscular imbalance as these muscles lengthen while the opposing muscles in the chest shorten. Sitting for long periods can also cause the glutes to become weaker, meaning more work is placed on the hamstrings. These commonly imbalanced muscle groups are the main focus in FitSteps TONE, helping to strengthen the weakened muscles to reduce the risk of further damage and prevent discomfort.

FitSteps TONE can also help to improve balance and stability, reducing the risks of falls and ultimately improving quality of life and prolonging independence.

What to wear for a FitSteps class

Please wear something you are comfortable moving in. Leggings or joggers and a t-shirt are ideal, plus an extra layer for colder days, especially as we keep the fire exits open at the moment to allow adequate ventilation in the hall. Trainers are ideal, particularly ones designed with dancing in mind, but any comfortable and supportive trainers will be fine.

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