Join the 20 day movement challenge!

Starting on Monday (24th Jan), I will be leading a 20 day challenge, encouraging everyone to get moving more!

The aim is to encourage healthy habits and non-sedentary behaviour, for a physical and mental health boost at a time of year when we tend to need it the most. Lots of us make new year resolutions to be more active / start a healthier lifestyle and mid-late January is the time when some of us need that extra little push to keep going!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete 30+ continuous minutes of ‘active’ movement, 5 days per week, for the next 4 weeks, taking us up to February half term. ‘Active’ is meaningful movement, moving for the purpose of exercising (not just walking to the kitchen to pop the kettle on!), this can include ‘en Joy dance fitness (and any other) classes, working out at home, walking, running, dancing around the kitchen, whatever form of exercise you like – it definitely does not (and should not) have to feel like a chore!

‘en Joy dance fitness now run classes across the Winchester and Eastleigh area 5 days a week, with morning, afternoon and evening availability, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and join a class. Group exercise sessions can be really motivating and help you stick with your goals while meeting like-minded people in a fun, friendly environment.

Special offer: 5 classes = just £20 between now and the end of the challenge, or unlimited sessions in Jan & Feb for just £50!

To help you complete your challenge, there will be a special 5 class challenge pass reduced to just £20 (£4 per class), you can purchase as many of these as you need within the timeframe of the challenge, but these sessions must be taken by February half term (our last class of this half term will be 18th Feb), they cannot be carried over like our standard passes can.

For even better value, there will be a special class challenge pass at just £50 for unlimited usage within the timeframe of the challenge (£12.50 per week, for as many classes as you like!) Again, these sessions must be taken by February half term and this pass will only be available to purchase up to 31st January.

While there’s nothing quite like a face-to-face fitness class with a group of supportive participants around you, you can supplement your live classes with home workouts, whether it’s a DVD, an on-demand service or app, a Youtube video, or just popping some music on and practising what you remember from a class or freestyling and doing your own thing! I’ve also put together a free 30min dance workout playlist for you on Youtube here.

Alongside your ‘active’ exercise, you should also try to include as much non-exercise movement into your day as possible (now this absolutely can include getting up to pop the kettle on!) You could set yourself a daily step count challenge, or set up reminders to get up and move around, or at least stretch, every 30mins or so throughout the day, to combat sendentary habits and prevent muscles and joints becoming tight and stiff, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk.

To track your active movement, just write your main daily activity in the free downloadable and printable challenge chart below. If you have a step tracker, you can also include your daily results in the chart. Remember to also drink plenty of water throughout your day! Tracking your activity and your healthy habits can really help to keep you motivated and uplifted and you’ll feel great for completing the challenge. However, don’t worry if you miss a day and please don’t try to make up for it by overdoing things the following day – we all have ‘off’ days or days where we struggle to find the time and that’s no reason to feel bad about yourself. Just pick yourself up and carry on as normal the next day.

I would absolutely love to see your social media posts and pictures, whether it’s a photo of your filled-in chart, a photo or post showing / describing how you’re being active at home or out and about, or even a class selfie! Please tag @enJoydancefitness1 on Facebook or @enjoydancefitness on Instagram and use the hashtag #enjoymovement

Helen x

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