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    Recent reviews

    Good fun classes. You can enjoy at your own pace. Helen is a fab teacher.

    Penny attended Zumba

    Really enjoying my Broadway Boogie classes so far with Helen. Hope to slot into some other sessions in September with Helen. The steps are really good for all ages and made fun by dancing to show music that everybody knows.

    Bonny attended Broadway Boogie

    Love the sessions with Helen . A real tonic and feel so energised after and flex and flow has been really helpful with back and hip issues. Thankyou Helen xxx

    Sharon attended Flex + Flow, Zumba Toning

    I love your classes they are so much fun 🀩

    Michaela attended Zumba Toning

    Really great classes helen is a lovely welcoming teacher. I love dance based classes it makes exercise so much more fun!

    Alicia attended Broadway Boogie, Zumba Toning

    I really enjoyed the sessions I attended with my daughter and would love to do more.

    Lisa attended Broadway Boogie

    Helen has a great variety of classes to attend. I like that they are just half an hour or 45 minutes of focussed exercise.  Helen is very professional and always brings a huge smile and calm instruction.  I prefer in-person classes, but she has been so pro-active at providing excellent quality online sessions during the lockdown periods and these have been a life-saver. The sessions have good variety as well, so its never repetitive or boring.

    Jackie attended: FitSteps, FitSteps Tone, Zumba Toning, Broadway Boogie, Flex + Flow

    I love Helen’s classes, always fun.  She is very professional, always has a smile on her face and makes you feel very comfortable whatever your level of fitness.  The online classes have certainly helped my wellbeing during lockdown!

    Gail attended: FitSteps, FitSteps Tone, Broadway Boogie

    I used to attend gym classes regularly before lockdown and have really loved Helen’s online classes, the new Flex especially is helping me being an osteo arthritis sufferer and also my ongoing physio after a knee op. They give me a sense of well being, are such fun and keep me fit. I would recommend the Flex to anyone and look forward to trying new classes. Do try the Glowfit.

    Anne attended: FitSteps Tone, Broadway Boogie, Flex + Flow, GlowFit

    Me again!  This is the second review I have given for ‘en-Joy dance fitness.  I just wanted to say if  … ‘This Girl Can’,  (aka me!) , so can you.  Why not  give it a try.  I am really enjoying getting fitter with Helen leading us through some great dance fitness routines. Helen mixes things up so that there are slow as well as faster routines interspersed through out our class.  en-Joy dance fitness is fun and effective. 

    Angela attended: FitSteps FAB, FitSteps Tone, Zumba Toning, Broadway Boogie

    I love these classes – they are really fun and make you genuinely want to work out!!! My favourites are Broadway Boogie and Zumba – super energetic, but fit for everyone, 5 stars from me πŸ˜‰

    Leila attended: FitSteps FAB, FitSteps Tone, Zumba, Broadway Boogie

    My experience with Helen in ‘enjoydancefitness’ has been really good.  I am not very fit and tire easily but Helen has been so encouraging and I have thoroughly enjoyed each class I have attended.  At present I am doing FitSteps Tone which uses a resistant band – I thought this would be way too strenuous for me but the resistant band is firming muscles I had forgotten I had and it is also great to help one balance if you are brave enough to lift one foot of the floor occasionally in the dance. Helen is very kind and encouraging.  I thoroughly recommend ‘enjoydancefitness’ – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.  Hope to see you soon.  Angela

    Angela attended: FitSteps FAB, FitSteps Tone, Zumba Toning, Broadway Boogie

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