Sweat IT


Join ‘en Joy dance fitness for a Sweat-IT session at the Otterbourne Studio!



Join ‘en Joy dance fitness for an all in one Sweat IT session at the Otterbourne Studio!

A combination of metabolic conditioning and rest based training, this class is designed to maximise energy expenditure, even after the session is finished, by boosting your metabolism through repetitive moderate-high intensity effort, completing as many reps as you can, but going at your own pace. It is designed to help improve your overall fitness, with both cardio and strength training, working at a moderate – high intensity throughout and resting when needed. Resting is a good thing! It means you have worked to your personal limit and by resting when you need to and for as long as you need to, you’ll be able to continue putting maximum effort in.

Booking in advance is essential, view available dates here: https://en-joy-dance-fitness.myfitnessclass.com

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