FLEX + FLOW Fitness Fusion class ONLINE


FLEX + FLOW Fitness Fusion focuses on functional flexibility, joint mobility and balance, in a flowing dance fitness fusion.


FLEX + FLOW Fitness Fusion runs both online and in-person at Colden Common Community Centre, situated between Winchester and Eastleigh. Bookings for in-person classes can be found here.


This 30 minute FLEX + FLOW Fitness Fusion class is suitable for all levels of fitness, no dance experience necessary! The session focuses on functional flexibility, joint mobility and balance, in a flowing dance fitness fusion.

What do we mean by functional flexibility? This class is definitely not about being able to do the splits or touch your head with your foot! Functional flexibility is simply about the ability to move more freely in everyday life. The word ‘mobility’ can also be confusing as this isn’t just about being mobile, it’s about loosening all the joints and the muscles, anything that has become tight and stiff, helping the body to feel restored and agile. While this class is ideal for older adults and beginners, it really is great for everyone, whether you’ve spent a long time throughout the lockdowns being largely inactive, or you workout frequently and just want to spend some time each week to help reset and recharge your body. It’s definitely a class we can all benefit from.

  • Have you not been as active as usual during lockdown and have your muscles and joints become a bit tight and stiff?
  • Are you looking to get back into exercise?
  • Do you need a gentle fitness class to help with mobility, flexibility and/or balance?
  • Would you like to complement your existing exercise routine with some restorative movement?
  • Or do you just love to move to uplifting music?

Come and gently dance it out online with a low impact FLEX + FLOW session.

FLEX + FLOW is a dance fitness concept which pulls together a fusion of techniques and ideas from a range of fitness genres I am certified to teach, from Rachel Holmes’ Flex and Fitness Pilates Barre and Balance, to Dr Emily Splichal’s #barefootstrong balance techniques, fused with contemporary dance inspired mindful movement.

FLEX + FLOW is equipment-free, barre-free and mat-free, it’s a completely standing session with no floor work, ideal for those who cannot move comfortably to and from the floor and also for those who prefer a slightly more dynamic ‘dancey’ stretching session to mat based workouts.

Please have bare feet or soft and lightweight, flexible footwear suitable for the floor you are dancing on, eg yoga socks.

Zoom login details will be available on the order confirmation page and you will also receive them within a confirmation email (please check your junk folder and add our email to your safe list).


You will be required to fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire during the booking process and you are responsible for checking with your doctor to ensure you are able to participate in the activity. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for taking part in exercise and have a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated. Please do not continue with any movements that cause pain and please work at your own level, modifying any movements as required. By booking an online class, you acknowledge and understand that you are voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise, and participation involves a risk of injury.

Please read the full terms and conditions before booking.

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