What shoes should I wear for a dance fitness class?

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear for a dance fitness class, here are a few of the best dance trainers and indoor fitness shoes I have found so far (and I have tried quite a few!) but let me start by saying, you do not need to go straight out and buy new shoes, neither do you need any fancy footwear for ‘en Joy dance fitness classes. If you have a pair of trusty old trainers and you’re happy with them, they will most likely be fine. However, if you’re finding it difficult to move in them as freely as you’d like, or they feel uncomfortable, it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of trainers designed with dance fitness in mind.

Quite a few of the big sports brands have started to realise how popular dance fitness classes such as Zumba are, and companies such as Reebok and Nike now make trainers designed for dance and indoor fitness where ease of movement is important. These trainers have ‘pivot points’ or smooth spots (Reebok call it a ‘Turnzone’) on the sole, underneath the ball of the foot, making all those sliding movements and twists and turns much easier, putting less stress on the ankles and knees.

If you take part in lots of dance fitness classes and want to invest in a good pair of trainers designed specifically for dancing, Bloch have lots of good options. Split sole dance trainers offer good flexibility, Bloch Element and Omnia are good full-sole trainers but a little pricier than most. You may be able to find a few of the older versions such as Apex and Traverse in the sale. Bloch also offer high top options if you need a little more support around the ankle, although personally I find these a bit bulky to dance in and prefer the low versions. Just be careful with Bloch dance trainers if you’re new to this type of footwear, as the ‘spin spot’ on the sole is very smooth which can make turning and sliding almost too easy to begin with and they take a bit of ‘wearing in’.

Onto some of my favourites, official Zumba footwear is some the comfiest I’ve found for dance fitness classes. They are a bit on the pricey side but my trusty old Zumba Air Lo trainers feel like slippers! Zumba have plenty of choices (lots of incredibly colourful ones and some a little tamer!) but I definitely recommend the ones with ‘air technology’ for high intensity classes as these offer maximum protection for impact.

What shoes should I not wear for a dance fitness class?

Most trainers will be absolutely fine, but I would advise against wearing trainers designed specifically for running as they can often have too much grip on the soles, making them more difficult to dance in, limiting your movements and putting more stress on the joints when turning, twisting and sliding. This can result in aches and pains or even injuries. If you have a pair of comfy trainers you want to wear for a dance fitness class but find them a bit too grippy, there are ‘spin spot’ stickers you can buy to pop on the soles, or little sleeves which slip over your trainers to make turning and twisting easier. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), please don’t wear trainers that are uncomfortable, rub and cause blisters, are too big or too small. It’s really important to look after your feet so you can keep dancing!

Trainers are essential for the majority of aerobic style fitness classes, however there are certain dance fitness classes where trainers are not essential and some where trainers may even hinder the movement. Classes such as Barre Fitness or anything with lots of balance work are best done in very lightweight footwear, slightly grippy yoga socks, or bare feet.

This article contains my personal opinions and is not in collaboration or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. I do not receive any commission on any footwear you may choose to purchase. It’s important to note that everyone’s feet are different and a pair of trainers that one person finds comfortable may not suit everyone.