What to expect at a Broadway Boogie class

I’m really excited to be planning the ‘opening night’ of Broadway Boogie classes in Colden Common this November! If you’re thinking of coming along, here’s what you can expect at one of my Broadway Boogie dance fitness classes in Hampshire.

I was first introduced to Broadway Boogie classes during the Covid-19 lockdown. Lots of instructors were taking their classes online, so there was a wide range of new dance fitness concepts out there, waiting to be discovered. After taking one of Broadway Boogie founder, Stephanie’s classes, I was hooked and just knew I had to add this class to my timetable! It’s one of those classes you can’t help but smile the whole way through, even when dripping with sweat at the end!

So what is Broadway Boogie?

Firstly, Broadway Boogie is not a musical theatre lesson or a dance class. The routines aren’t broken down for you to learn, it’s just a follow-along class from start to finish. Broadway Boogie is a high energy aerobic dance fitness class, set to a fantastic musical theatre soundtrack. From the classics, such as Singin’ in the Rain and Chicago, to modern stage and screen musicals like The Greatest Showman, there’s something for everyone and if you love musicals you’ll love this class!

Broadway Boogie is pure escapism, you can take on a different character with each track and dance like no one (or even like everyone) is watching! Express yourself through dance (and even through song if you like – post-Covid restrictions of course!) as you work out to your favourite musical melodies. By putting your all into your performance, you’ll find yourself working harder but having so much fun, almost forgetting you’re in a fitness class!

Broadway Boogie is a great cardio workout, suitable for all fitness levels. There are modifications throughout, so you can work at your own level and the choreography is enjoyable and easy to follow, with a few fitness moves such as squats and lunges thrown in for good measure, along with the obligatory jazz hands making more than a few appearances of course.

A Broadway Boogie class always begins with some ‘pre-show’ music as you find your space, then into a warm up section, or ‘overture’ as we call it. The ‘main performance’ includes a wide range of musical routines, combining both high and low intensity moves. In the ‘finale’ we begin to slow things down, bringing the heart rate back down, while still having fun, then the ‘curtain call’ is a cool down and stretch routine.

So get those jazz hands ready and book yourself a ticket for the ‘opening night’ (well actually it’s a Friday afternoon matinee) of Broadway Boogie classes in Colden Common, coming this November to a theatre community centre near you!

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