What to expect at a Zumba Toning class

You probably already know what to expect at a Zumba class; an amazing soundtrack of world rhythms, a party atmosphere and fun follow-along routines with little or no verbal cueing. Zumba really does feel more like a party than a workout! But what can you expect at a Zumba Toning class?

Here’s what you can expect at one of my Zumba Toning classes in Hampshire

Zumba Toning does follow the same party-inspired principles of an original Zumba class, but with a little added resistance to help tone and sculpt the body. In a Zumba Toning class you’ll use very lightweight maraca-style shaker hand weights called Zumba toning sticks. At just 1lb each (or 2.5lbs for more experienced participants), these are just enough to add resistance while also allowing you to shake them and use them as percussion instruments as you dance. This is not a typical body conditioning workout, Zumba Toning is much more fun than a standard weighted exercise class! While Zumba instructors are trained to use non-verbal cueing methods, there is some verbal cueing in a Toning class to ensure participants have the correct form and technique.

An ‘en Joy dance fitness Zumba Toning session always begins with a ‘step touch’ style cardio warm up to get the body moving and the heart rate rising. After this, we always move on to a muscular warm up, combining cardio with dynamic stretches and muscle contractions, warming up all the major muscle groups we use throughout the workout, while keeping the heart rate raised.

After the warm up , we pick up our Zumba toning sticks for around five toning routines. In a longer toning class you may also have a couple of circuit tracks, where you’d alternate between dancing with the sticks and without them, to give your arms a little rest, but as our classes are just 40 minutes, we dance with our sticks the whole way through these five routines.

You won’t find any jumpy, super high impact movements in the toning section, as we need to keep the arm movements controlled to reduce any risk of injury. While it may seem like the focus is only on toning the arms, adding resistance to a workout can help to tone the whole body. In keeping our core engaged, Zumba Toning helps to tone the abdominals and obliques, while adding balance challenges and squats really helps tone the legs and glutes.

After the toning routines comes the ‘instructor’s choice’ – usually a Zumba favourite or a new routine created by the instructor and this is always danced without weights. It helps to loosen the muscles, particularly those in the arms, while ending the class with an upbeat, fun track. After this, we finish with a cool down routine combining slower movement with stretching, bringing the heart rate back down and helping to reduce any aching or soreness in the muscles.

Come along to a Zumba Toning class in Hampshire

Zumba Toning classes in Colden Common run on Tuesdays, 9:15am – 9:55am, at Colden Common Community Centre. All levels are very welcome to join this class. Booking in advance is essential and there is currently a very limited number of participants per session, to allow for safe distancing. Please book your space here.