Zumba + Toning classes in Hampshire and online

While Covid restrictions apply, classes will take place online only. Please scroll down to see available classes.

Looking for Zumba classes in Hampshire? Zumba classes with Helen are held at Colden Common Community Centre, just outside Winchester.

What is Zumba?

Zumba isn’t just a dance fitness class – it’s a dance fitness party! With an awesome original Zumba soundtrack filled with world rhythms (and a few chart hits thrown into the mix), you’ll be too busy having fun to notice you’re working out! Zumba is a follow-along class and as a general rule, Zumba instructors do not verbally cue within a class, allowing the participants to fully appreciate and enjoy the music. Each class should feel like a party and we don’t want to spoil that atmosphere by speaking through the tracks! But don’t worry if you find it tricky to pick up the moves, they will start to become more natural to you after a few classes, honest! In a Zumba class, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t get all the steps straight away, it isn’t about your dance technique or ability, a Zumba class is much more about having fun, raising the heart rate and dancing along to the music – even if you are freestyling your own routine!

What is Zumba Toning?

Zumba Toning follows the same party-inspired principles of an original Zumba class, but with a little added resistance to help tone and sculpt the body. In a Zumba Toning class you’ll use lightweight maraca-style shaker hand weights. At just 1lb each (or 2.5lbs for the more experienced participants), these are just enough to add resistance while also allowing you to shake them and use them as percussion instruments as you dance. This is not a typical weighted workout, this is fun! While Zumba classes generally use non-verbal cueing methods, there is some verbal cueing in a Toning class to ensure participants have the correct form and technique.

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